Travel Mug

I made my travel mug in 2012. It is a pretty copper head color and I made the handle big so it would when you hold it

your fingers have a lot of room.


Set of Three Mugs

I made my set of three mugs in 2012. I made them all with big handles. I glazed them with firered brick and dripped it in the mystery glaze. It dripped down on all the mugs so it looks very nice.


Ugly Mug

I made my ugly mug in 2012. I like this one exspecially because of the face he reminds me of a mexican man. I really like his dark

black eyebrows and mustache. His name is Rico. His handle broke off though in the kilm room so techincally he is a ugly cup. I painted him with all types of vibrant colors to make it come to life.


Ugly Jug

My ugly Jug was made in 2012. I made this jug look kind of like a human frog. His tongue is sticking out and his eyebrows give him a little edge to his look. I gave him bright green eyes and a nice tan. The jug is kind of small but the face is so wonderful it makes up for it.


Square Mug

My square mug was made in 2012. I glazed it with indigo which turned out very nice. On each side i made a little flower and the handle was an attemp to make it look like a flower leave. Making the square projects was very hard to me because your clay would rip.